New Blend & More!

Good day Tea Lovers,

The tea house has been quiet this week as Granny and I prepare for a new month filled with excitement and new art work! Since everyone has been so patient, Granny created a special blend for her guests. 

Remember when we had warned you to keep the tea away from Granny’s cats? Well in Granny’s absence, 250 trash cats found a way into the kitchen and drank some of her tea! Was it your cat? We will find out on Sunday at 4 AM UTC!

Blend Link: 


In other news, Granny and I have been looking into ways on GAMIFYING the collection! Yes you heard that right! Up until now we have always called this collection strictly an art collection but hinted at utility. This week, we have been absent from the socials for a good reason. As the saying goes, this is the calm before the storm. All of Granny’s current and future NFT’s will have their own native utility! I will leave the rest to your imagination as we finish up the planning but this is a promise of great things to come as the project continues to grow.

-Mad Hatter


New Collaboration

Granny has been making new friends all over the metaverse lately thanks to everyone’s ongoing support and love for our community. As the news continues to spread throughout  the wax community and beyond of an exciting new project, Granny has been sneaking in special guests through the back door of her tea house for private conversations about the future of the collection.

Granny is now proud to announce that we are officially collaborating with! Starting July 12th you will be able to stake Acid Tea Granny NFT’s to recieve a random dodo every 4 days!

The way it works is simple: On July 12th 2021, the Stakurbator B will go on sale. If you are lucky enough to own one of the 133 Stakurbator B’s in circulation then you must also own one NFT from each of the 3 partnering collections: yoshibucks, distantworld and grannysmagic (Acid Tea Granny). Once all assets are in your wallet you will be awarded with a random dodo every 4 days.

We have many more updates to announce this week so keep your eyes open for new blog posts. Until next time!

-Mad Hatter


Good afternoon tea lovers and thank you for joining Granny’s Tea House!

Ever since our humble beginnings, we have used Telegram as our main communication channel to keep you guys in the loop on news and updates.  With the overwhelming support of our series 1 Launch on July 1st, 2021, we have now grown to a community of over 400 tea lovers!

With the growth of our community, we decided to expand Granny’s outreach so you can follow her on some of your favorite socials. You can now currently find Granny on Discord and Twitter. Granny’s discord server is an extension of the Tea House telegram chat, meaning you can join in on the fun from your preferred application. With the capabilities of Discord, we were able to neatly organize the channels so you can find what you need quickly but the magic happens in the main chat. With the help of some friends, Granny was able to implement a bridge between Discord and Telegram meaning any message written in the main chat is posted in the telegram chat as well and vice-versa.  If you want to come to check out the discord side of things join us here:

You can also follow Granny on  Twitter @acidteagranny for updates, teasers, and weekly riddles. Riddles will drop at 18:00 EST (22:00 UTC) every Saturday and prizes will be given to the one that solves the riddle the quickest!

Since the community now spans across multiple platforms and we want to make sure you are up to date on the latest news, we have decided to release all major updates, collaborations, and news right here on Grannys blog. We will try to let everyone know across socials when new posts are out but Granny can be forgetful at times with her age so be sure to check back here regularly!

If you are not yet a part of the tea house on Telegram, be sure to join us for our weekly tea party. Every Sunday from 2-4 EST (6-8 UTC) we will be hosting a community-run tea party filled with quizzes, giveaways, and prizes for those who participate!  Link:

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open this week, there is a lot going on in the Tea House and we are just about ready to make a few exciting announcements!

                                                                                                                                                                                                       – Mad Hatter