New Blend & More!

Good day Tea Lovers,

The tea house has been quiet this week as Granny and I prepare for a new month filled with excitement and new art work! Since everyone has been so patient, Granny created a special blend for her guests. 

Remember when we had warned you to keep the tea away from Granny’s cats? Well in Granny’s absence, 250 trash cats found a way into the kitchen and drank some of her tea! Was it your cat? We will find out on Sunday at 4 AM UTC!

Blend Link: 


In other news, Granny and I have been looking into ways on GAMIFYING the collection! Yes you heard that right! Up until now we have always called this collection strictly an art collection but hinted at utility. This week, we have been absent from the socials for a good reason. As the saying goes, this is the calm before the storm. All of Granny’s current and future NFT’s will have their own native utility! I will leave the rest to your imagination as we finish up the planning but this is a promise of great things to come as the project continues to grow.

-Mad Hatter


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