New Collaboration

Granny has been making new friends all over the metaverse lately thanks to everyone’s ongoing support and love for our community. As the news continues to spread throughout  the wax community and beyond of an exciting new project, Granny has been sneaking in special guests through the back door of her tea house for private conversations about the future of the collection.

Granny is now proud to announce that we are officially collaborating with! Starting July 12th you will be able to stake Acid Tea Granny NFT’s to recieve a random dodo every 4 days!

The way it works is simple: On July 12th 2021, the Stakurbator B will go on sale. If you are lucky enough to own one of the 133 Stakurbator B’s in circulation then you must also own one NFT from each of the 3 partnering collections: yoshibucks, distantworld and grannysmagic (Acid Tea Granny). Once all assets are in your wallet you will be awarded with a random dodo every 4 days.

We have many more updates to announce this week so keep your eyes open for new blog posts. Until next time!

-Mad Hatter

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